First Session

So…I survived the first training session!! And my spiky hair also survived.


I arrived at the gym not knowing what to expect last night. I need not have worried too much. I met up with Amna, a girl I used to work with, who has recently decided to sign up and a guy called Jack who I met at the registration event last week. We had a chat, each going over how nervous/excited/scared we all were.

Got into the gym and started on the cardio warmup and workout. This involved everyone jumping around doing various exercises, shadow boxing and the like and was absolutely exhausting. Squat thrusts killed my thighs and my t-shirt was soaked through after around 10 minutes.

Next it was time to lace up the new gloves (metaphorically, as they are velcro strapped but you get the idea!) and try throw a few punches. I was paired up with a guy called Shaugn who is a “veteran” of the UWCB world, having done one of these events earlier this year. It was useful being with him as he was able to offer some additional tips about throwing punches, defending yourself and avoiding streetfighting dirty opponents!

Session was well run by the guys at Bad Company and left all of us wanting more. Looking forward to Thursday’s session now.

And…surprisingly, I can walk today! No DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) but I am expecting to be hobbling around tomorrow when it finally kicks in. Deep Heat at the ready!!!

If you would like to sponsor me, please check out my JustGiving page here. Tickets are available for the event. Please contact me for details. 

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