Weeks Four to Seven

Training has been brutal. We had intense heat to cope with and the training itself stepped up a gear. We have done a lot of sparring which has involved getting hit multiple times in the head and the body! Thankfully, I haven’t taken too many heavy shots in sparring – although that may be a bad thing as if I get hit hard in the actual fight, it will come as a bit of a shock.

My training was broken up with a well deserved holiday – tried not to overdo the All Inclusive option… Had the intention of going for some early morning beach runs but predictably that did not happen!

After the holiday, got back hard into the training, managing 4 sessions a week where possible. Definitely paying off as I have lost about a stone in weight over the training (even taking into account my holiday) and do feel a lot fitter than I have done in years.

Not long left now, just one more week until the big night. Time to get tactics sorted and last minute preparation done, especially as I now know my opponent for the night. It is going to be an exciting night and I am looking forward to it. And most important of all, its raising a huge amount of money for Cancer Research UK and I am proud to have done my bit.


If you would like to sponsor me, please check out my JustGiving page here. Tickets are available for the event. Please contact me for details. 

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!


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