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Chocolate Thunder v The Blackout


The date – Thursday 25th August 2016
The Venue – Manhatta, Leeds

After a tough training session at Bad Company, we headed over to Manhatta bar in Leeds city centre to find out who we would be facing.

Out of the almost 200 people who registered for the event, we were left with a final hardcore of around 60 people, which will give us around 30 fights on the night.

We were all called out – first name to be called is on the Red Team, second out is the Blue Team. We were called up, had to do a mean looking fighting pose and then a face off with each other, all growling and snarling! Pictures aren’t ready yet but I will post a few once they have been prepared.

I was called out first – On the Red Team, David “Chocolate Thunder” Gibbs
My opponent, was called out second – On the Blue Team, Liam “The Blackout” Barron

Looks like it will be a fairly evenly matched fight, although I have only sparred with him once, right at the very beginning and that was a long long time ago now! I haven’t really seen him sparring so can’t make any real assessment. I think that’s probably a good thing though, as I can’t a) be terrified or b) be overly confident. I will just have to take it as it comes.

Chocolate Thunder v The Blackout – Bring it on!!


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