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Week Three (and part of Week Two)

How time flies. I am already finished with my third week of training. Only another five weeks left and then that’s it, it will be fight night!

Last week, I managed to squeeze another boxing session in at a local gym, Alliance Boxing in Leeds, which was a good workout. My stomach ached for ages afterwards, thanks to Marcus making us do ridiculous planks. I was almost crying!

This week, we have been concentrating on head movement. Or rather not moving you head! Basically, head down, staring at your opponent’s chest and hitting their glove/pad using peripheral vision only. This is to avoid you moving your head too much and getting hit. Keep covered up and don’t get hit in the jaw!

We moved onto some body sparring then which has been……..well I wouldn’t say pleasant but its been an experience. People have been asking me if I enjoyed my training. I have answered “As much as you can enjoy being punched in the stomach”.

Obviously, the punches haven’t been full on punches to knock you down but they haven’t been tickles either (although one of the lads I was sparring with was giggling each time I touched his stomach. I don’t know if that says more about him or me!). I took a shot in the gut – no six pack yet, despite Marcus’s planks! – which almost winded me but I powered on through. Its an experience being hit in the stomach but it is one that I need to get used to I guess.

Our trainer, Pierre, looks like he is beginning to look at match ups now as we all had to detail our weight and get separated into weight categories. That may fluctuate over the next few weeks, with each of us ultimately being matched up to someone of a similar size and ability. There go my hopes of being matched up with a 9 stone stick man!

This is probably one of the most intense things I have done. As I have said in earlier blogs, I am not a big gym buff. I tend to sign up, go for a few weeks and then waste the rest of my membership! I have been to bootcamps, boxercise courses and British Military Fitness sessions, all of which are great but for one reason or another (usually my laziness or that there is something good on TV!) I haven’t been able to stick to it. I have really enjoyed the last three weeks of training and hopefully the next five weeks will be just as good. I may alter this statement when I start getting hit in the face though!!

Looking forward to week 4! Bring it on…

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Week Two

So, we are now into the second week of 8 weeks of intensive boxing training at Bad Company. The second session last week was just as tiring as the first and took a lot of getting used to.

They say that the biggest part of getting ready for a boxing match is increasing the cardiovascular fitness. A lot of the training focuses on this fitness but its as much about what you can do in your own time as what you do in the training sessions. My cardio exercise usually involves walking from the car park to my office and back again at the end of the day (plus the three flights of steep steps I have to navigate once in the building – don’t underestimate how tiring these are after ten minutes of squat thrusts!). So i am trying to incorporate more training at home, including weights and cardio. I even ventured outside to go for a mile and a half run on Saturday. Which almost killed me!

But, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Apparently.

Second weeks of training started yesterday. Typically on the hottest day many of us have experienced in the UK for many many years. For some unknown reason, many of the lads had to “unexpectedly” miss training yesterday. Whilst I was sorely tempted to fire up the barbie, the motto is Train Hard Fight Easy. I wont be ready for the big night if I don’t put the training in. And it sure was hard work! Not one inch of my training vest was dry and I am sure I must have sweated by body weight in water! I was tempted to post a picture of my sweaty vest but thought that may turn some people’s stomach!

In more shocking news, my normally spiky rigid hair did actually get moved slightly. That shows how extreme the training actually was.

Yesterday, we focused on movement and combinations using the punching pads. We also did some work on blocking punches. I guess that means that all too soon, we will have to get used to someone throwing punches for real! Then it gets serious!

May have time to fit in a training/sparring session tonight and get ready for another beasting on Thursday! Fingers crossed the weather will have calmed down a bit by then…

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