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Week Three (and part of Week Two)

How time flies. I am already finished with my third week of training. Only another five weeks left and then that’s it, it will be fight night!

Last week, I managed to squeeze another boxing session in at a local gym, Alliance Boxing in Leeds, which was a good workout. My stomach ached for ages afterwards, thanks to Marcus making us do ridiculous planks. I was almost crying!

This week, we have been concentrating on head movement. Or rather not moving you head! Basically, head down, staring at your opponent’s chest and hitting their glove/pad using peripheral vision only. This is to avoid you moving your head too much and getting hit. Keep covered up and don’t get hit in the jaw!

We moved onto some body sparring then which has been……..well I wouldn’t say pleasant but its been an experience. People have been asking me if I enjoyed my training. I have answered “As much as you can enjoy being punched in the stomach”.

Obviously, the punches haven’t been full on punches to knock you down but they haven’t been tickles either (although one of the lads I was sparring with was giggling each time I touched his stomach. I don’t know if that says more about him or me!). I took a shot in the gut – no six pack yet, despite Marcus’s planks! – which almost winded me but I powered on through. Its an experience being hit in the stomach but it is one that I need to get used to I guess.

Our trainer, Pierre, looks like he is beginning to look at match ups now as we all had to detail our weight and get separated into weight categories. That may fluctuate over the next few weeks, with each of us ultimately being matched up to someone of a similar size and ability. There go my hopes of being matched up with a 9 stone stick man!

This is probably one of the most intense things I have done. As I have said in earlier blogs, I am not a big gym buff. I tend to sign up, go for a few weeks and then waste the rest of my membership! I have been to bootcamps, boxercise courses and British Military Fitness sessions, all of which are great but for one reason or another (usually my laziness or that there is something good on TV!) I haven’t been able to stick to it. I have really enjoyed the last three weeks of training and hopefully the next five weeks will be just as good. I may alter this statement when I start getting hit in the face though!!

Looking forward to week 4! Bring it on…

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The Decision

Hi. My name is David Gibbs. I’m a 37 year old lawyer from Leeds. I have two beautiful kids, a wonderful girlfriend and a supportive family. I enjoy eating pizzas and kebabs and all sorts of things that are not good for you. Yet…

Last night I made a decision that I am sure I will regret many times over the next two months. I’ve decided to try my hand at boxing. I don’t mean boxing training but actually a full blown boxing camp, with a film actual fight at the end, at a large event where people spend their own money to watch a fight.

To use the old cliche, I am more a lover than a fighter. I don’t fight. Never have. The last fight I had couldn’t really be called a fight. It was a drunken roll around on a nightclub floor in Benidorm with my little brother over a pair of children’s sunglasses (don’t ask!)

So. Back to boxing. What have I decided to do? It’s with a company called Ultra White Collar Boxing. They run events for ordinary guys, which involves intense fitness and boxing training for a period of 8 weeks followed by a fight with someone from your group. Over 100 people attended the initial event in Leeds last night.

Why? All in the name of charity! UWCB have raised over £4.5million for Cancer Research UK and run over 300 events a year.

The charity is one that’s close to my heart as I’ve lost a number of loved ones to the disease over the last few years including my mum so anything I can do to help rid the world of it will be worth it. Even if that involves being punched in the face a few times.

I have no idea what to expect other than its going to be one of the hardest experiences of my life. Expect lots of blood, sweat and tears and plenty of vomit until my body gets used to the punishment.

Training starts this Tuesday. My world of pain will also start on Tuesday and end on 3rd September at the Royal Armouries in Leeds in front of 1,500 people.

Am I mad? Yes

Am I nervous? Yes

Am I excited? Absolutely!

I am going to try and keep a regular diary of my training and my progress. Hopefully it will be an interesting and informative insight into what is involved. Maybe it will inspire you. Who knows?


If you would like to sponsor me, please check out my JustGiving page here. Tickets are available for the event. Please contact me for details. 

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